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256 pages
ISBN10: 0142180475
ISBN13: 9780142180471

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“The love you do or do not experience today may quite literally change key aspects of your cellular architecture next season and next year - cells that affect your physical health, your vitality, and your overall wellbeing.”

--Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D., Love 2.0

About the Book

What if everything you know about love is wrong? Worldwide polls suggest that most people take love to be romantic, exclusive, lasting, and unconditional. What if love is none of these things?

Suppose we could escape all the love stories and love songs lodged in our heads, and drop down to our hearts, and see love from that perspective. I’m not talking about the cartoon hearts we see everywhere on Valentine’s Day, but your physical heart, beating away inside your chest. By listening to what your heart has to say, perhaps we can begin to appreciate love from a new angle. And suppose we go beyond your heart, into your blood stream, and touch base with your white blood cells, the front lines of your immune system. What does love look like from their perspective? This is what I’m up to. I’m a psychological scientist, I study emotions, and I draw heavily on biological measures. In Love 2.0, my aim has been to give voice to your body’s definition of love. It offers a balance of digestible science and practical tips. In it, you'll find more than a dozen best practices for creating more micro-moments of love, some that require just one minute a day.

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