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256 pages
ISBN10: 0142180475
ISBN13: 9780142180471

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"It's one of the best books I have ever read. A map for living."

-Faith Middleton

“When Sigmund Freud wrote The Interpretation of Dreams, he took a familiar phenomenon and looked at it through a more discerning lens. In doing so he changed forever the way we think about this natural and common wonder. Now, Barbara Fredrickson may have done for love what Freud did for dreams.”


“ …this book may change your life. Really. Give Love 2.0 a chance.”


“Barbara Fredrickson offers up nothing short of a revolution in Love 2.0. Her aim is to get us to transform almost completely what we think love is...And I can’t overemphasize how striking the evidence is that Fredrickson marshals in support of her position. Not just psychological evidence, which would be important enough. But also neural evidence, neurochemical evidence, cardiovascular evidence, and even evidence of effects on gene expression. This line of work may end up changing both what we mean by love and what we take as evidence for love and its effects.”

-Los Angeles Review of Books

“..a radically new conception of love.”

-The Atlantic

"Read this book and you'll never think about love in the same way again!"

-Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., author of The How of Happiness

“Barbara Fredrickson drives home the value of being warmhearted, making the scientific case that this variety of positivity benefits our health and our connections, as well as opening our lives to new possibilities. Love 2.0 is a user-friendly manual for opening our hearts.”

-Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

“At last we can discuss the science of love. We can discuss the hormones involved, the way positive emotions can be strengthened, the relation between self-love and loving others. In this highly readable book, Barbara Fredrickson offers expert guidance in this emerging field.”

-Frans De Waal, Ph.D., author of The Age of Empathy

"Barbara Fredrickson puts a new twist on love, illuminating how we can transform our lives by extending love to all of humanity--including ourselves. Based on solid research yet written in an easy-to-read manner, this book is full of practical exercises that can help the reader learn how to love more fully."

-Kristin Neff, Ph.D., author of Self-Compassion

"In this book, Barbara Fredrickson conveys a powerful new view of what we all want most deeply -- love. Using rigorous science, practical exercises, and heartful daily life examples, Barbara shows us how to strengthen our capacity to more truly connect to ourselves and others. Love 2.0 moves the entire field of understanding and accessing love forward."

-Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness

"A remarkable book on the supreme emotion called love, this beautiful volume captures the essence of love, in life, in science, between us, within us. Love has never been so well understood, so deeply expressed, as in the work of scientist Barbara Fredrickson."

-Joan Halifax, author of Being with Dying

“Books on love are pretty common. I myself have written two of them. No current book can hold a candle to Fredrickson’s Love 2.0 for it’s stunning combination of science, wisdom and poetry. I am tempted to say that there has not been a better book on love since the New Testament.”

-George Vaillant, M.D., author of Spiritual Evolution and Triumphs of Experience

“What a wonderful book! Not only has Barbara Fredrickson dared to say that love is the most supreme among all emotions, but she offers a wealth of scientific evidence and inspiring stories demonstrating that affective resonance is a key factor for our happiness and that of others. This is a must-read for all those interested in psychology, health, longevity…and above all a meaningful life.”

-Matthieu Ricard, author of Happiness and Why Meditate?

“Barbara Fredrickson, a leader of 21st century positive psychology, enlarges our vision of love as moments of connected warmth. By merging the wisdom of spiritual meditative practices with laboratory science, she is our guide to deeper experiences of love and, as a by-product, to enhanced wisdom, resilience, and health.”

-David G. Myers, author of Psychology, 10th Edition

"Complement Love 2.0, a fine addition to [the] essential books on the psychology of love."

-Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

"Fredrickson shows us many more avenues of affection than just finding our one true love."

-Mindful Magazine

"Lest this sound too “new age” to you, be prepared to have all of these exercises backed up by scientific evidence of their effectiveness. Fredrickson is, above all, a researcher. She assures her readers that what she is suggesting is “evidence-based” and is meant to increase loving feelings from the inside out, not to make people put on fake smiles or pretend to feel something they don’t. It’s this promise—and the science behind it—that makes Love 2.0 rise above other self help books."

-Greater Good

Love 2.0 is a "Mom Must-Read...This worked for me."

-Parents Magazine

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