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Having uncovered considerable evidence for the long-term benefits of starting a practice of loving-kindness meditation, or LKM, I get countless inquiries about how to begin. I created these guided meditations to introduce you to LKM in ways that dovetail with emerging science. I also encourage you to explore the teachings of the true masters of LKM and include links to some of their guided meditations as well. Enjoy the journey!

Lovingkindness Meditation


Try the classic form of this powerful ancient practice.

Self-Love Meditation


Overcome the challenges of sending love to yourself.

Compassionate Love Meditation

Compassionate Love:

Bend your love into compassion for those who suffer.

Celebratory Love Meditation

Celebratory Love:

Expand your love to share the joy of others' good fortune.

Loving All Meditation

Loving All:

Stretch your love further still, excluding no one.


Additional Guided Meditations

Sharon Salzberg

Reflection on Interconnectedness

Lovingkindness Meditation

Mary Brantley, MA, LMFT

Lovingkindness for the Body

Breathing Meditation

Sumi Kim

Breathing Meditation

To download any of the meditations to your own computer, please right click a meditation and select "Save Link as..." or click here to download all of the guided meditations.